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The Brand

Apnée was launched in 2017 in Paris with the ambition to offer a modern approach to men’s swimwear. 


The brand’s swim shorts are effortlessly chic and designed with unparalleled quality and comfort in mind. Inspired by freediving pioneers Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca, Apnée embodies a unique lifestyle of passion, poetry and laid-back elegance.


Their prints are directly inspired from naturally occurring sea patterns and the ever-changing landscape of the ocean; resulting in sophisticated yet harmonious designs, like dreams from the depths. Their shorts also stand out for their unique cut, modernized in a fitter and shorter version: a timeless style for any figure.


Sustainable Trunks

At the current rate of over 8 million tons of plastic waste ending up in the sea every year, our oceans are forecasted to be filled with more plastic than fish by the year 2050. Apnée’s swim trunks are 100% made from recycled plastic waste collected in the Mediterranean Sea and on the beaches. To help raise awareness about this important issue, for each pair of swim trunks purchased, 1€ is donated to The Surfrider Foundation to support their ocean preservation efforts.

The Looks


Classic fit: USD $108 (solid colors) and $125 (patterns)

Straight cut: USD $135 (solid colors) and $145 (patterns)

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