01 About Duvivier Canapés

Created in 1840, Maison Duvivier has always been a major manufacturer in France’s furniture industry and has always been standing for his excellence, innovation and its manufacturing expertise.

As a family owned business, Duvivier started crafted saddler and harness-makers.

This expertise in leather quickly brought the company to focus its craftmanship on upholstery furniture, which started in 1978.

Maison Duvivier remains firmly anchored in France, where our workshops are based, to beneficiate from the historical skills and expertise of our craftsmen to guarantee and outstanding quality.

Our will to develop the Scandinavian markets and to be present by your side to offer the best possible service led us to partner with Mikael Deragarden (Deragarden Agenturer).


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02 Products

03 Our Know-How

Maison Duvivier collection is built around upholstery furniture and complimentary cabinet furniture to offer a coherent setting and reflect the maison identity.

Maison Duvivier relies on collaboration with outside designers to give an impulse to our collection, to be in line with the market trends and expectations.

Our historical heritage led us to build our offer on sofa upholstered with exceptional full grain aniline leather and then diversify to include premium fabric editors to meet our clientele requirements and be representative of the French Art de Vivre.

Also, it is worth mentioning that all our models, both upholstery and cabinet, can be made to measure both in size, finishes and comfort to offer a bespoke and tailored approached whilst being granted a 10 years warranty. This allows us to meet our exclusive customers’ expectations and requirements.

04 References

Maison Duvivier has been involved with the most prestigious projects in various fields: 

Public building: 

Elysée Palace (French President “Salon Bleu”) 

Matignon Hotel (French Prime Minister office) 

Several Embassies, Jakarta…) 


Various High-end Hotels & restaurants 

Taiwan Opera 

Medical Center: 

Private Clinic, Taiwan 

La Prairie Clinique, Switzerland 

Residential project: 

Full residential tower, South Korea 

Various high-end projects worldwide 



05 Parisian Showroom