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Maison française depuis 1948

01 About Grande Forge

GRANDE FORGE specializes in the manufacture of elegant balusters with exclusive designs for stair railings and balustrades and many accessories for gates and fences. From high-end manufactured products to tailor-made developments, Grande Forge accompanies you in your projects. We bring our expertise from the concept and design of the parts to the final installation of the structures. 

GRANDE FORGE addresses, in France and internationally, to the construction industry – hoteliers, builders, decorators and architects, wishing to design, build or renovate ironworks or make decorative metal pieces in small or large series. 

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02 Products

03 Our Know-How

Building on the expertise of our teams, we approach each project comprehensively to give life to all its creative ambition

We pay particular attention to each of the components of a project: 

  • Understanding and respecting the requirements of the contractor 

  • The ability to integrate advanced technology into product design 

  • The experience of matters and materials 

  • Excellence in Project performance 

Our relish for the architectural quality, the sensuality of the materials and the spirit of innovation, guarantees a result up to our customers’ expectations

04 References

Public building:

The dramaturgic theater in Penza, Russia  

The Concert Hall, Ashgabat Turkmenistan 

The Council of Russian Federation 

Project with Saudi Oger in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 

Peninsula Project, Baha Mar Group, Bahamas 

Private building: 
VIP Villas in China (around 15000sqm each) 

Presidential complex in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan