01 About InPlanta

The Plantaphore® by InPlanta:

InPlanta offers rare or remarkable young plants introduced in Plantaphore® - glass cases - with various designs and hermetic environments, requiring no maintenance for long periods.

The plants live free from external aggressions in a transparent protective glass case and grow at their own pace for several months thanks to a natural nutrient gel.

Thus it is recreated a miniature ecosystem, perfectly autonomous.

Thanks to French design and eco-designed products, everyone becomes a player in the preservation of plant biodiversity that they help to maintain.


02 Products

03 Our Know-How

InPlanta created objects that are both living, because the plant grows, and aesthetic, inspired by the world of the laboratory, design and purity.

The originality of Plantaphore® also lies in the glass container, which comes from the world of laboratories and alchemy. The bottles are enhanced by several eco-designed bases created with designers and manufactured by local companies, using materials sourced from the region: a combination of metal, wood and porcelain.

04 References


A lot of references in design stores and florists.

Truffaut: Specialist Garden Centre with outlets throughout France offering everything from nursery plants, animal products to outdoor leisure and decorative items.

Botanic: A chain of high quality garden centres.